How to Stay Competitive in the Gig Economy

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Freelancers are quickly becoming the workforce majority, with nearly 50% of Millennials already engaged in freelance “gig” work.*

The gig economy offers freedom and flexibility for workers, but what does it mean for employers? Here are just a few of the concerns we hear:

  • How do traditional employers compete for talent?
  • How do we adapt to the changing expectations in the workforce?
  • How do we engage and retain employees who now have countless options for work?

The gig economy has completely changed the world of work—and not just for the nearly 60 million Americans who have left the stable confines of organizational life to become independent contractors.

This momentous workforce shift is affecting employers across the board, especially employers with large hourly or entry-level workforces. While traditional employers can offer stability, the current workforce is craving independence and diversity of work.

So, what does the future look like for traditional employers? And what can we expect from gig work in the next 10 years? That’s what our talent experts will cover in this webcast.








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* UpWork “Freelancing in America” study


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  • American Airlines
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  • esurance
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