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Transforming Leadership Development From a Program to a Daily Practice

There’s a major shift taking place in leadership development. Employers are realizing that the traditional one-size-fits-all development program isn’t effective because it doesn’t support the individual, and it doesn’t empower leaders to own their development journey.

But that’s all changing. In this webcast, we’re joined by Martin Lanik, author of the new book, The Leader Habit. Martin and talent expert Sarah Glass will team up to share the Leader Habit Formula for infusing leadership development into everyday work-life, and provide a primer on using predictive analytics to close behavioral gaps and achieve leadership success.

In this 1-hour webcast, we’ll cover:

  • Your organization’s role in helping leaders form positive leadership habits
  • How to identify opportunities for improvement for individual leaders
  • Examples of 5-minute exercises that help bolster leadership skills

Presented by:

Martin Lanik, CEO of Pinsight

Sarah Glass, VP of Talent Solutions at OutMatch


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