How to Make Your People Analytics Predictive

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Why are employers around the world making predictive analytics an integral part of their talent strategy? Two words: COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE

According to Josh Bersin in a recent Deloitte report*,

“Companies should double down on their investments in analytics and pay serious attention to this area… Companies that don’t are likely to be disrupted by competitors that do.”

Regardless of where you are in your adoption of analytics, you probably agree that predictive analytics is the way of the future—especially in the human capital world, where gaining an upper hand in talent means gaining an upper hand in business.

Join this webinar to learn how you can start driving superior decision making in your organization today. You’ll also learn:

  • Why predictive analytics is LIGHTYEARS AHEAD of basic reporting
  • How to cross the threshold from somewhat data-driven to highly data-driven
  • Best practices from analytics-savvy companies in marketing, retail, and healthcare

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* Deloitte: HR Technology Disruptions for 2017


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