How to Make Your Hiring Process Predictive and Pain-Free

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A Case Study on Integrating an Assessment with Your Applicant Tracking System


If you've been through an ATS integration, then you know the drill. Long, drawn-out development cycles, custom connectivity between systems, consultants, administrators, APIs...

Bottom line, there’s almost always a delay in go-live—when all you want to do is begin using the HR system you bought to make your teams more efficient. Instead, you brace yourself for weeks or months of integration frustration.

Get ready for an entirely new integration experience. In this webcast, we’ll explore new technology that brings convenience, usability, and speed to the ATS integration process.

Join us for an interactive discussion on:

  • Why ATS integration has become critical in the HR function
  • What the ideal recruiter and candidate experience should be
  • How early adopters have benefited from pain-free ATS integration
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