Hiring for Quality, Consistency and Culture: 
Industry Leaders Share Their Secrets

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You can’t develop quality products or deliver quality customer service without a quality workforce. That’s why the quality of hire is so important—especially when you’re in a decentralized business.


How do you ensure that every hire is a quality hire, and the right fit for your culture, whether they’re hired in Akron or Orlando or Albuquerque? That’s what our guests from CarMax and Dollar General will help answer.


In this webinar, we’ll talk scalable hiring strategies with Talent Acquisition and Organizational Development specialists from CarMax and Dollar General - and they will uncover secrets to sustaining workforce quality, nationally and worldwide.


Join our 1-hour webinar for tips on:

  • Understanding the type of employee who will fit your culture and thrive in your industry
  • Empowering recruiters and hiring managers with tools to identify top candidates
  • Giving candidates a taste of the employee experience so they can self-select in or out


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Presented by Talent Expert Nikki Cunningham and Client Advocate Kelly Ann McGrath, with special guest Caitlan Wilber, Senior Coordinator of Talent Selection at CarMax, Leslie Allen and Director of Talent Acquisition at Dollar General. 






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